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The House of Audio offers the following professional home theater services and products to enhance your home and life:
Your Home Theater Installation and Audiophile/Videophile Experts

Welcome to the online home of The House of Audio, New Jersey’s premier source for home entertainment technology and installation. Since 1991, our goal has been to bring the finest audio, video, and home technology to our clients with a level of customer service that is second to none. Thousands of satisfied customers have enabled The House of Audio to grow steadily while collecting local and national awards of excellence, and gaining an unmatched reputation for integrity and service. We are committed to good corporate citizenship, with an emphasis on energy conservation and environmental responsibility in our work. We invite you to browse our website, learn about us, and become part of the The House of Audio family.

Home Theater Design and Installation Bring that cinema experience
home for your family and friends.

Welcome to the online home of The House of Audio, New Jersey’s Everyone loves going to the movies. Wouldn’t you love to bring that experience home? With today’s technology you don’t even have to leave the house, entertainment now comes to you! Satellite, cable, movies through the mail, and even download and streaming movies and television programs. There are just so many options today!

With a Home Theater , you aren’t just limited to movies. So much news and entertainment comes to us through our televisions these days. In one evening you could watch the news, play video games with your friends and family, and finally you and your loved one can relax with a movie.

High Performance Music Systems and Components Wow this
sounds/looks great.

We have spent years listening to our customers; they tell us they want the best there is to offer, without sacrificing value. Our approach to equipment selection is simple, offer the best at the best price. House of Audio is factory authorized in all areas of audio and video. We offer our clients unique but affordable choices which the big box stores cannot offer. We are the area’s logical choice for a reputable surround sound & high definition specialty retailer. House of Audio’s electronics’ selection is based on performance, ease of use, and functionality in mind. Still have questions, visit our FAQ section (live link).

Home Automation and Control Systems Lights…HVAC…Action!

You don’t have to be the Jetsons living in the future to enjoy the wonders of having a home or office filled with easy to use technology that can help make your life easier. Imagine crawling into bed at the end of a long day and realizing you forgot to close the garage door. No need to get back up and walk all the way downstairs, with a quick glance to the interactive house layout on your remote touchscreen, you can see that its open and close it simply by touching the screen.
Total Home Technology from our featured control systems installed by our experts, streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. Our solutions eliminate the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature, and audio/video components. Whether from an easy-to-use color touchpanel, remote or a customized keypad, total control is always at your fingertips.

Whole House Music Systems Watch and listen to anything…anywhere

Inside, outside and everywhere in between, House of Audio’s whole-house entertainment systems distribute video and music throughout your home.

Imagine getting all of your electronics out of the way, hidden in one location, like a media closet, completely out of sight. Now imagine coming home, pressing a button and music fills the air. What will it be? Classical for relaxation after a stressful day; rock to get the blood flowing; or how about a favorite satellite radio channel while cooking dinner?

Whole House Lighting Control and Shading Systems Lighting on

Our convenient lighting control systems can bring your home to life when you are away, can set the mood automatically upon you entering your home, and save electricity when you step out unexpectedly. The indoor and outdoor lighting controls are extremely convenient with our hand held system controllers. We can design, sell, and install lighting control systems into any room and any budget. These simple systems are purposefully economic, yet robust enough for large size homes.

Security and Video Surveillance Systems Protect what is most
important to you.

Surveillance cameras provide you with piece-of-mind, but unless you can access them where ever and whenever you want, your piece-of-mind is not forever. Our simple surveillance packages ensure you can access your cameras anywhere and anytime, even on your color screen of your system remote control. Video images can also be seen through a web browser and/or multiple displays in your home. With our DVR function, you can recall a specific date and time from any of your multiple cameras. Piece-of-mind is now extended to: night vision, pool monitoring, nanny cams, remote location surveillance, investment protection, and burglary prevention and can be integrated with your iPhone, iPad and all other Apple products.

Remote Programming Simplicity at it’s best.

System control is perhaps the most important factor in designing a complete home entertainment system. Having the ability to easily use your system, and the ability of having others use the system when you are entertaining guests is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle. House of Audio offers simple yet functional options for controlling your new high tech home theater system. We can custom program your entire system to respond to a single button macro which will dim the lights upon beginning a DVD or Blu-Ray. Or check the thermostat setting from your remote and adjust the temperature if you desire. We can also have your security camera images sent directly to your remote screen. Our remotes and custom programming services are different than most others can offer. We prefer to utilize a graphical user interface (GUI). These windows based control devices are programmed onsite with custom graphics and pictures which are very personal to your family and your usage habits. Call today for a demo.

In-House and On-Site Service Technicians True audio/videophile
geeks at your fingertips.

We know making decisions about home improvements and buying the latest technology isn’t easy, our educated tech/sales staff makes house calls. Wondering how to get the best performance and greatest return for your investment? We will meet with you at your home to discuss room layout, product selection, budget, and installation options. We’ll explain the difference between 5.1 vs 7.1 and the difference between LCD, plasma, and LED. Each home is different and House of Audio will create a unique proposal and concept to fit your lifestyle, your preferences, your budget, and your expectations. Contact us now to schedule your no obligation in-home consultation.

Commercial Applications Custom electronic solutions for your

To communicate effectively, it takes a combination of the right message and the right presentation. Does your business need a better way to communicate? The House of Audio can provide your business with electronic solutions to meet your needs. From plasma TV installation and LCD TV solutions to custom projectors and video conferencing, we provide the best in commercial electronics technology. Take a look at our portfolio of commercial electronics design examples to see how we have helped other businesses take their communication to a new level. With our centrally located store based in the Summit, N.J. section right outside of NYC, House of Audio is your #1 source in the Tri-State area for commercial AV design and digital advertising solutions.

In-Home Consultations Available Bringing it all together.

All our simplified walk-throughs are FREE of charge. The House of Audio has some of the most knowledgeable and professional technicians in the industry. Custom installations require the utmost attention to detail and our crew specializes in seamlessly bringing different technologies and pieces together to coexist in one easy to use system. At the end of the day no matter how much is going on behind the scenes of your customized system, all you have to do is hit a button, and enjoy!